Bluff Beach

Bluff Beach is one of the best beaches of Bocas del Toro Archipelago, presenting a striking contrast between the sea of transparent waters, often turquoise, a very yellow sandy beach and a green rain forest that serves as setting for this extraordinary landscape.

More than that, its future is assured as it is a Municipal Reserve to become a National Park whose status will maintain the place pristine and without the usual negative impact of uncontrolled development site.

And besides, it is a nesting of at least three species of endangered sea turtles, Leatherback, Carey and Green, returning to this beach, where they were born many years ago, to lay their eggs after a long odyssey through the Caribbean Sea.

The reserve and the project area, separated by a small road, presents a rich biodiversity that has been characterized in several studies. It has coastal streams, large extensions of sand, abundant flora and the presence of mammals, reptiles, birds and insects representative of the region and that are part of the vast extension of wetlands that runs along the coastal regions of Panama and Costa Rica.